December 01, 2019
Air source heat advantages, disadvantages and UK incentives

Another frequently overlooked energy source, ambient air can be a valuable heating method in many situations.  Heat pumps are a great way to produce thermal energy without polluting the atmosphere, which is why they are being adopted on a global scale. This technology is notable for low carbon emissions and low entry investments, so there are very few obstacles preventing its further growth. 

Major advantages:

  • Very low carbon footprint
  • Easy to combine with solar or wind power
  • Heat is delivered at a lower temperature

Major limitations:

  • Larger radiators are needed
  • Difficult to operate in colder climates

Available incentives in the UK:

  • Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) – Air to water heat pumps were not originally eligible for reimbursements under the rules of RHI, but this has been remedied in 2014, with this technology awarded a specific tariff. The payments to non-residential operators extend to 20 years, while residential users receive money for only seven years.
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