Healthcare Sector

According to sources, the UK the healthcare sector spends around 400 million pounds per year on energy alone, with a significant percentage of it wasted. It’s therefore obvious that healthcare providers stand to gain a lot by adopting energy-efficient technologies that help them control spending and provide insurance against sudden loss of power

General Physicians/Doctors

Doctors are responsible for providing adequate care and can’t allow blackouts to endanger the wellbeing of their patients. Sadly it’s not rare for medical professionals to be sued for negligence for such failures in third-party services. EnviroTech’s solution can be independent of the grid and offers security of supply to private practitioners who operate their facilities.



A stable power supply during an intervention is essential, especially a complex one such as implant insertion. Adopting smart, energy-saving technologies can put Dentists a step ahead of their competition and allow them to control their expenses and avoid blackouts. Grid Tied and none grid applications are available and not only do they provide UPS they also save on daytime energy consumption.


Care homes

The sheer size of the UK’s care home market indicates the potential for huge savings – there are around 5,000 care providers in Britain, with more than 430,000 beneficiaries. This market is worth an estimated 15.9 billion pounds per year, and this figure can only be expected to grow considering that a large percentage (23%) of the nation’s population is older than 60. Since care homes typically operate on a 24/7 basis, they expend more energy than average facilities of the same size and thus can benefit a great deal from our bespoke energy saving solutions.



A modern hospital is dependent on electricity for almost every aspect of its operations; from registering patients, to conducting treatments. According to some estimates, a hospital can be expected to use 2.5 times more energy than a commercial building of comparable size. At the same time, the price of power cuts is considerably higher than the financial cost, as some patient’s health can be endangered by even a brief interruption in their care. EnviroTech offers Hospitals a bespoke, green energy solution and security of supply.

EnviroTech connect smart homes

Using state-of-the-art management software, we can install multiple technologies such as solar, infrared heating, battery technology, EV charging points, and thermodynamic hot water heating systems.

Energy Monitoring

The idea here is to eliminate avoidable waste while ensuring that all energy needs are met, thus increasing the overall energy efficiency and staying within the planned expenditure range. In some cases, companies can slash their energy bills by up to 40% by implementing simple measures such as optimisation of the heating system.

Our Product Portfolio

Energy Storage
The world is about to witness a huge shift towards battery energy storage.
Energy storage fundamentally improves the way we generate, deliver and consume energy. Energy storage helps during emergencies like power outages from storms, equipment failure, accidents or even terrorist attacks.
Smart Homes
We can demonstrate how to make significant cost savings during the build and post build.
Using state-of-the-art management software, we can install multiple technologies such as solar, infrared heating, battery technology, EV charging points, and thermodynamic hot water heating systems. These technologies are tried and tested and we only use tier 1 products from the best manufacturers. Our package provides an array of benefits for both developers and homeowners and is guaranteed for 20 years.
Solar Canopies
This practical idea allows companies to use available space to help the environment and their employees
Solar canopies are typically mounted over large parking lots, but could conceivably be placed in any other open-air part of corporate premises, as long as direct exposure to sunlight is available throughout most of the day.
Crane Cubes
Properly implemented battery storage can provide multiple benefits to end users, including both tactical and strategic ones
he energy storage market is expanding quite rapidly, driven largely by the increasing availability of affordable energy from renewable sources. This process is just starting and according to some forecasts, the value of this market is expected to increase by a factor of 100 over the next 20 years.
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